Monday, 9 June 2014

Themes Project - 2.5D


This photo is a photo of a girl trapped inside a mouth. Because of the theme I chose the foreground and background played a big part in my photos because they were taken lying down but it was meant to look 3 dimensional, so there wasn’t really any difference in my foreground and background although it may look like it in the actual photo. This was the only photo that had some sort of frame, because the mouth is framing the little girl. It photo was taken from birds eye view although it looks like it is taken from eye level. It doesn’t have as much negative space as some of my other photos because the mouth is taking up most of it. I used the rule of thirds in this photo because the top part of the mouth is in the 1st row, the little girl is in the 2 row and the bottom part of the mouth is in the 3rd row. It is however asymmetrical.

Edited: I edited these two photos using ribbet. To edited them I used one of their effects called invert which changed all the colours in the photo into the opposite colour.


These photos were of a girl holding a bunch of balloons



 These photos are of a girl being pushed over by a giant finger

 This photo is of a girl falling off a cliff.

This photo is of a girl holding up a boy with her hands above her head

 This photo is of a girl falling down a hole

 This photo is of flying books

This is a photo of a girl jumping from building to building 

This photo is of a girl standing next t a giant flower

 This photo is of a girl jumping off a building

 This photo is of raining fruit

This photo is of a girl sleeping on a cloud 

This photo is of a girl stuck in a box 

This is a photo of a girl walking on water 

This photo is of a girl walking up the stairs

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Black and White Portraiture

I took these photos of Florence, but before I took them we both discovered we both don't like our photo's being taken, so I tried taking photo's where half her face was covered. Also she said she likes to laugh and have fun, so I tried to show that in these photos. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Creative Commons

1. If someone does something original, should they get credit for it?
Yes, they should get credit because it was their idea.

2. How would you give them credit?
If it was a photo you were using you can cite the person that took the photo.

3. How do you source authors in other forms?
In other forms of work you can create bibliography and use the correct format to give them credit.

4. Is it fair to use other peoples work to create your own?
Yes, because you have to start somewhere, you may as well use someone elses as an example to help you create your own idea.

5. Is it fair to copy another persons work?
I believe it is fair as along as you add your own style to it, and do not exactly copy their work.

About the Video

1. Is this fair?
No, this was not fair because the person that took the photo to use as an advertisement didn't ask for her approvement. The girl had no idea that they were using her photos.

2. Was virgin mobile allowed to do this?
No, they should have asked her first. They basically stole her photo without her permission.

3. What do you think about this?
I believe that it is extremely unfair that her photo was being seen advertising everywhere, and she didn't even know.

4. What if you were that girl?
I would be really aangry and make virgin take the photo down. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Monday, 21 April 2014

Black and White

1. Taking photos in black and white enhances the mood you are trying to portray and adds more depth.

2. Subjects with good shadows are often the best subjects for black and white photos because it adds more texture and detail to the photo. Abstract objects are also good subjects because with out colour you can focus in on the subject.

4. The best lighting for black and white photos are photos that have a lot of lighting that show a lot of shadows


Photo taken by Brandon Mike

Photo taken by Melissa Mott